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International Conference on
Sustainable & Accountable Aviation


November 7th, 2024


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PANEL : Aviation Management

  • Airline Technology Management

  • Cargo Management and Airlines

  • Human Resourses Management in Airlines

  • Corporate Risk Management in Airlines

  • Health Management and Airlines

  • Health Issues of Flight Personnel in Airlines

  • Health Issues of Ground Personnel in Airlines

  • Stress Management in Airlines

  • Medicial Issues in Airlines

  • Ergonomic Issues in Airlines

  • Entertaintment Management in Airlines

  • Sales and Marketing in Airlines

  • E-Sales in Airlines

  • Inflight Sales and Airlines

  • Time Management in Airlines

  • Airline Managament Education

  • Customer Relations and Airlines

  • Quality Management

  • Airline Revenue Management

  • Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning

  • Security Operations and Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Airlines

  • Human Resouces Management in Airlines

  • Corporate Governance in Airlines

  • Ethics in Airlines

  • Working Environment in Airlines

  • Good Governance Examples

PANEL : Accounting, Regulations and Law

  • Cost Management in Airlines

  • Fraud Prevention in Airlines

  • Finance and Accounting in Airlines

  • The Role of Auditors in Airlines

  • Taxation in Airlines

  • Customs Relatios and Airlines

  • External Auditing in Airlines

  • Internal Auditing

  • International Auditing Standards in Airlines

  • Insurance in Airlines

  • EU Aviation Law

  • International Financial Reporting Standarts in Airlines

  • Passenger Interline Accounting and Control

  • International Air Law

  • Revenue Accounting

  • Board Membership in Airlines

  • Turkish Regulations and Airlines (Capital Market Law, new Turkish Trade Code, Tax Procedure Law, Corporate Law, Value Added Tax….)

PANEL: Economics and Sustainability

  • Alliances and Airlines

  • Issues on Low Cost Airlines

  • Effects of Low Cost Airlines in Avition Sector

  • The Role of International Institutions for Airlines

  • Stakeholders and Airlines (problems and developments between airlines and creditors, customers, travel agencies, investors, airport authorities, governmental authorities,………)

  • Relations of Investors and Airlines

  • Sustainability Reporting in Airlines

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting for Airlines

  • Women Workers and Customers in Airlines

  • Airline Economics

  • Lojistic and Airlines

  • Green Technology and Airlines

  • Airline Business Foundation

  • Competitive Strategies in Airlines

  • Forecasting for Airlines

  • Aircraft Financing

  • Outsourcing and Airlines

  • Sustainable Cost Accounting

  • Awareness for Carbon Emmision

  • Fuel Efficiency and Conservation

  • Adult Education Education in Airlines

  • Higher Education in Airline Management

  • Flight Personnel and Customer Relations Inflight

  • Consulting Companies and Airlines

  • Certification in Airline Sector

  • Investing in Airlines

  • Privatization in Aviation Sector

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